Terms of Service
Welcome to BTCTrade novice group:

1.This site is designed to provide a platform to trade for the BTC loves.Buyers and sellers are all users of the site, We are not involved in buying and selling

2.As a registered user, you should ensure that all of your money and Bitcoins in the account are legal .At the same time, All your tradings should not infringe the rights of any third party or break the law .

3.Within the scope permitted by law, this website will not responsible for the user’s loss of profit, loss of revenue, loss of business and data loss, unless the loss is caused due to this web site in violation of the terms of service.

4.This website will not responsible for any loss caused by network failure, network interruption or network latency, and any other not normal visit .

5.The links to other web site provided by a third party in our website is only used to provide information, we cannot be responsible for the content of this web site, or responsible for the loss caused by using its content.

6.If there is a fraud or other illegal ACTS, this website will provide all the necessary user informations to the relevant regulatory authorities. When regulators want to investigate fraud or other illegal ACTS, the user's account may be frozen.

Btctrade reserves the right to interpret the terms and conditions as mentioned above.