Digital currency trend madman: Trump, who is too busy, why pay attention to Bitcoin today?

Madman said

Tether's future will be how we don't know. The New York Attorney General finally judged us that we don't know. What we can do is to optimistic about our money bags and prevent others from taking away our hard-earned money. Many people in the message yesterday asked if There is a problem with Tether and how we can withstand the risk of depreciation of the USDT.

At present, there are quite a few types of stable currency, but if the USDT is not reliable, then other stable currencies are difficult to bear this trust, so if you are worried about the USDT depreciation and bitcoin callback, you want your own currency value. Unaffected, the best way to do this now is to hedge the futures, for example: 10 BTCs in stock, 10 open BTCs for futures, so that neither the position nor the basic guarantee The value is constant. It is relatively easy to solve everyone's concerns about risk. After the judgment results come out at the end of July, we will consider other methods.

After the PLUSTOKEN Yancheng police brought the main suspects to justice, the local public security authorities have already accepted the PLUS report. Since the number of victims involved is high, the time cost of defending rights will be high, but in any case, the report will report the case. No chance to be much stronger. On the Internet these two days, I saw a netizen going to the temple to burn fragrant Buddha to PLUS. "I wish PLUS is getting better and better, and growing stronger." The madman smiled for a long time. It is a typical kind of people who have replaced the number of people. The more people there are in this circle, the easier it will be for us to make money.

Trump has just mixed up with Bitcoin on Twitter. The president is really too worried. It is Iran and the United Kingdom and Maoyi. They are already busy with three arms and six arms. They still have time to care about our small Small currency circle. Come and see what he said:

For Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, Trump gave a clear attitude, did not support, was not optimistic, and considered it to be an air currency.

Libra was later questioned, saying that Libra is not reliable and wants to issue coins, which must pass the new banking regulations and be regulated. What does the new banking regulations in Trump say? The madman didn't figure it out very well, but now there are so many important things in the world waiting for the arrogant president to handle. Trump is unusually concerned about the currency circle. If there is an exception, there must be a demon. Maybe in the near future, Libra It will emerge under the new regulatory framework, and the United States will use the Facebook currency to push the dollar back to its new peak.

Market analysis

Bitcoin (BTC):

Trump has more than 60 million fans worldwide, and this bitcoin tweet has been forwarded 10,000 times. The total exposure is expected to have exceeded 100 million, and this data is still increasing, with digital currency constantly As we grow stronger, more and more people are paying attention to this market. Although many people know Bitcoin, they still don't choose to buy Bitcoin. The most fundamental reason is that these people do not have their own knowledge.

The media said that Bitcoin is a junk. It is a scam. It is an air. Most people think that this is an air and a scam. It does not have any value. The masses like to follow and believe. This is why Bitco has been continuously being used with the emergence of Libra. The reason for the exposure has not risen further. The funds in the market should have entered. If you don’t want to come in, you will not be able to recharge at this position. Therefore, there is a clear sign that the incremental funds are weakening in the market. In the case of the currency market, the continuous correction should still be the main tone of the market.

However, in the long run, this position is still in a very low position in history. It is precisely because most people are not optimistic, do not trade, do not join, the market potential will be greater, when everyone thinks Bitcoin has Value, when it is worth holding, that is the real big top of Bitcoin. Obviously, from the current development of the market, it is far from the grand occasion. Maybe one day, Trump said that bitcoin is gold, and when countries open up trading on bitcoin, bitcoin is really high in history.

Therefore, the view of the callback will remain unchanged in the short term. The long-term move still requires a long process. The short-term support is 10,800 and 10,000. The bullish momentum is not strong and the wait-and-see is the main.

Ethereum ( ETH ):

Because the decline is smaller than other mainstream currencies, the rebound is also relatively weak. The overall trend continues to link the pie. The pie rebounded to around 11800 yesterday, which is the short-term lightening opportunity of the mainstream currency. The decline trend has not stabilized and strongly supported 235.

Ripple Coin ( XRP ):

Ruibo did not rebound at all, weak to the extreme, do not participate first.

Litecoin ( LTC ):

Yesterday, the decline was not big, and it took the lead to rebound. However, it was impossible to change the market on its own, so it was still weak after the rebound.

Bitcoin Cash ( BCH ):

Due to the sharp drop yesterday, it caused a lot of killing and more, so the short-term selling pressure was squeezed out, so the rebound rate is OK today, the pressure is near the 5th line, and there is room for rebound in the short term.

Grapefruit ( EOS ):

After the retail panic crashed, there was a small rebound. The madman warned everyone that the mainstream currency should not be anxious, rebounding and then lightening the position. Today and tomorrow, it is for everyone to lighten up the opportunity. Before doing the wrong short-term position, you must learn to stop loss.

Ida ( ADA ):

Like other mainstreams, the rebound has not changed the trend of the callback, so short-term positions are also mainly to lighten up.

Wave field ( TRX ):

Did not stand back to the important support 0.03, it is estimated that it will wait until Buffett has finished eating, and the chance of a short-term sharp rise is not big. Another opportunity for the rise is the just game mentioned before. The game is also a rising opportunity after the game is launched.

Platform currency:

Coin ( BNB ): The big move, the coin security team gave up the 80 million BNBs held by the team and added them to the quarterly destruction, which is equivalent to directly withdrawing 16 billion yuan for repurchase and destruction. BNB smells The news rebounded sharply, and it is expected that such a positive will stabilize the short-term decline of BNB, and the rebound is expected to continue.

OKcoin ( OKB ): The price has stabilized. Because of the small increase in the previous period, the downside is relatively limited, and the short-term is still volatile.

Firecoin Global Points ( HT ): Follow the trend of BNB, mainly because the recent trend is relatively stable, there is not too much selling chips, so with the market rebound, today's volume is not large, so the market outlook continues to fluctuate at a high level.

The reason why the platform currency continues to rise is that the platform continues to use the profit repurchase platform currency as a support, so whoever is willing to spend a large price to pull up their platform currency, who can get more traffic, who can make more money to continue pulling Platform currency, from this to a virtuous cycle, this point, the currency is the world's first exchange to see the most clear.