Xiao Wei: It is illegal for some domestic blockchain companies to provide “establishing an exchange or issuing platform currency” business.

The bitcoin that has skyrocketed by a million times has brought infinite possibilities. It seems that as long as it is stained with the words "digital currency", it will be able to get countless wealth. In the eyes of the investors in the currency circle, the interests are at your fingertips, and not participating in the huge currency movement is equivalent to giving up the opportunity to make a fortune.

Countless investors frantically buy coins and buy coins to buy coins. First of all, regardless of the currency, it is not reliable. If you buy it, what if you bought it on the exchange? However, the reporter noticed that the virtual currency you bought may all come from workshop-style production – creating tokens and one-click trading.

10,000 yuan can create a token, 80,000 yuan to create an exchange... When you buy a new coin and hope it can go up on the exchange, the creator of the token has already set your sights on you. principal.

10,000 yuan can create a coin creator can operate everyone's currency

This may be an unacceptable fact. You believe that investing hundreds of thousands or even millions of digital currencies is likely to be a workshop-style production. The reporter noticed a software that would help customers create tokens and open exchanges at the touch of a button.

According to the official website, the software focuses on providing users with ETS-based technology solutions based on Ethereum. Without any programming foundation, ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum network can be released in one click, and the user is committed to seamlessly access the CIS economy. Its function can cover all the token functions required in the market. At the same time, the software can also provide one-stop services such as technical consultation, token customization, currency service, and one-click opening exchange.

The reporter tried to create a token, the official website introduced the service is simple and fast, just three steps to issue tokens: registration login, fill in token information, pay ETH. Creating a page is simple and rude. The creator needs to enter the most basic information such as the full name of the token, the short name of the token, the total amount of the initial issue, and the number of decimal places.

The currency in your hand often runs on the road?

The reporter found that this may be because the token has the following functions: destruction, merger transfer, lock-in, lock-in, additional issuance, airdrop, direct investment. These feature creators can choose directly and spend more money.

The reporter added the micro-signal of his customer service staff, and WeChat reminded the other party that the account status is abnormal. If there is any funds, please be cautious.

The customer service told reporters that the destruction function means that the token holder will have the right to destroy the tokens he owns. After the successful destruction, the amount of the token holder’s currency and the total amount of the token’s existing network will be reduced accordingly. This function is applicable to business scenarios such as token repurchase and burning.

The lock function means that after the creator opens the lock, the entire network transfer and destruction will not be able to operate, other operations will not be affected, and support can be turned on and off at any time. This feature is applicable to business scenarios such as global locks and asset snapshots.

The lock function is divided into static and dynamic lock positions, and both lock positions can be set to release in batches. After the static lock information is set successfully, it cannot be modified or deleted, including the change to dynamic lock. Dynamic lock information allows multiple changes and deletions and allows changes to static locks. This function is suitable for business scenarios such as investor locks and team locks.

These three functions mean that the creator can control the token transaction in the investor's hand, the creator allows the investor to trade, the investor can expand the currency exchange or other business; once the creator prohibits the transaction, the investor spends a lot of money The token purchased will become a string of numbers.

The reporter confirmed this to the customer service staff. After the customer service indicated that the lock function was turned on, everyone could not trade, but the creator could operate the currency of everyone.

What is the favorite "airdrop candy" of the coin circle investors? This has also been set up since the beginning of the creation of the token. The creator can make additional and airdrops and can place tokens at the specified address.

So how much does it cost to create a token?

The customer service staff told reporters that the tokens for all functions are 16 ETHs, and the three functions of adding, destroying and locking are 5 ETHs. Non-small data shows that the current price of ETH is around 2,108 yuan, which means creating a token. The minimum of three functions is about 10,000 yuan, and the maximum is more than 30,000 yuan.

And these only tens of thousands of dollars to create tokens, but can get hundreds of thousands or even millions of investors.

80,000 yuan to create an exchange of 15 million yuan on the currency exchange

The reporter learned that in addition to creating tokens, the software also supports services such as the currency and one-click exchange.

When the reporter consulted the cost of the coin, the customer service sent a quotation form to the reporter, which indicated the currency fee and the period of the exchanges such as “Fire Coin, Coin Safety, ZB”.

The reporter noted that there are many ways to pay for the cost of the currency. Among them, the currency is 15 million yuan, the period is one month; the fire money is 7 million to 10 million yuan, the period is 45 days; ZB is 6 million yuan, the period is one week. In addition, Matcha, Biki, Fcoin, Boss and other exchanges are paid by BTC, the cost is 2~22 BTC, the period is one week; Bitfinex, Upbit, Bithumb, Digfinex and other transactions are paid in US dollars, the cost is 150,000 ~900,000 US dollars, the cycle is several weeks to several months.

One-click opening of the exchange, the customer service told reporters that different versions of the exchange system price are different, the basic version of 80,000 yuan, the ordinary version of 200,000 yuan, the advanced version of 300,000 yuan, can also invoice. Among them, the basic version only has an over-the-counter function without APP, the normal version interface has a better look than the basic version, and the advanced version is more advanced.

The customer service told reporters that they can quickly set up a dedicated digital asset exchange, support all tokens in Bitcoin and Ethereum chain, and also can launch online platform currency, support OTC over-the-counter transactions, currency transactions, with automatic replenishment, self-re Define functions such as handling fee and report statistics, and customize functions according to requirements to provide quality after-sales service. The customer service also showed reporters the basic and advanced exchange cases.

The basic exchange is very rough, the official QQ group and customer service QQ number are hung on the homepage. In addition, the safe and trustworthy Hong Kong OTC trading platform is marked in a conspicuous place, and the exchange is freely traded, safe and reliable. The reporter noticed that there are investors on the homepage that are on the order to buy and sell. The mainstream payment methods include WeChat, Alipay, bank card, PayPal, etc.

The premium version of the exchange is much more formal, not only for over-the-counter trading and currency trading, but also for the price of mainstream digital currencies. Among them, over-the-counter trading shows that investors can buy mainstream digital currencies such as BTC, ETH, USDT, etc., and they can also sell these mainstream currencies. The payment methods are also WeChat, Alipay, bank cards, etc. In currency transactions, investors can exchange another form of digital currency in a certain form of digital currency.

The reporter noted that the advanced version also provides digital currency mortgage loan service. The page opened by the reporter shows that the maximum loanable amount is about 700,000 yuan, and the annualized income is 50% to 200%. The amount of borrowing is from a few thousand to several tens of thousands. The page shows that the digital currency that supports the mortgage includes Bitcoin, Litecoin , Ethereum, and Chain.

It is worth mentioning that both exchanges offer the “Invite Friends” feature, in which the advanced version invites friends to introduce: Each user who signs up via QR code or link will be referred to the investor account as a “recommended friend”. Investors can get up to 50% of the transaction fee for each successful transaction from a recommended friend.

Lawyer: Providing the crime of illegal business in the business of “delivering platform currency”

The reporter noted that the operator of the software is a network technology company in Xiamen. Kaixinbao shows that the company has a registered capital of RMB 3 million and its business scope includes software development; information system integration services; information technology consulting services; data processing and Storage services; digital content services; animation, comic design, production; other unspecified information technology services, excluding projects subject to licensing.

Xiao Wei, director of the Bank of China Law Research Association, told reporters that on September 4, 2017, after the central bank and other seven departments issued the "Announcement on Preventing the Risk of Subsidy Issuance Financing", the domestic exchanges moved out or closed. Some domestic blockchain company propaganda can provide the business of “establishing an exchange or issuing platform currency”, which is contrary to China’s current policies and laws. The provision of “delivery platform currency” business is suspected of violating China’s Criminal Law. One hundred and twenty-two crimes of illegal business, the act of providing "establishment of an exchange" business is a helping act of setting up an exchange, and forming an accomplice relationship with investors who participate in the establishment of an exchange to jointly commit crimes of illegal business.

Xiao Wei told reporters that China’s law only recognizes Bitcoin as a virtual commodity. According to the General Principles of Civil Law, Chinese citizens can hold virtual property with virtual goods, but for other ICOs, the Chinese currency does not give Its legal status, Chinese citizens speculating such virtual currency, it is difficult to protect their legitimate rights and interests.