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BTCTRADE( founded in Vancouver, Canada in April 2013, and was officially online in May. The overseas version was opened in 2014 June , belong to Coincloud(HK)Technology Co., At the same time, we get the first angel investment in June. BTCTRADE is a BTC trading platform which is focus on servicing Chinese user from the global perspective. Our core technology team madding up of a dozen technical people who once working in MSRA、ALIBABA、CISCO、12580 etc, provide long-term, stable and safe service for our web-site. Moreover, the customer service team provide the most considerate and professional services for the customers.

After a year's development, we have become one of the best BTC trading website, Nearly 150000 users, daily trading number reached 50000 bit coins, the total trading value up to 600 million yuan(including LTC). In this process, our system runs steady to ensure trading’s security and fast. With excellent and considerate service, our customer service team also got A feedback from the customer.

In future, we will focus more on providing more comprehensive value-added services and more convenient way to trade, and strive to make BTCTRADE not only of china, but also of the world.


ShouSong Zhang, the founder/CEO of BTCTRADE, a young entrepreneur, graduate from NEU, once worked in MSRA and Alibaba Corporation,Published several articles patents. From starting a business in 2009, Zhang insist that technology can change the world. As a good leader, he devoted to make the most elite team, use the least cost to create the greatest value. He think any problem can be solved in two ways: Technology and Management. His unique concept attracted a lot of attention form investors.

QingYun Wang, Co-founder/COO of BTCTRADE, become a individual stationmaster in 2005, once worked in many famous Listed Companies. Since 2010 to start a business, he has have extensive experience in operations and marketing.


Our team not only has a deep technical background and operational experience, but also be hardworking、diligent and reliable. Our team is very perfect and united, every member with complementary skills can fully tap their potential and put their talent to best use. We came together because we have the same dream that we can change the world.



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